Cyclical relationship’ - circular economy processes. The Guardian newspaper March 25 1960, pit fire charcoal, chalk based paint 2019

Process diary over the past 7  years

My making materials and processes are determined by elemental forces, fire and earth being the primary elements in the processes; water and air the enabling.

The processes of gathering, making and firing are integral to my work and integral to a way of life for thousands of years before me. The ice age human who made the Venus of Dolni Vestonice more than 25,000 years ago made her with local clay and fired her in an earth fire. I make human scale work referencing my body, the clay forms rest in the part of the hand that formed it, there is no standing base.

I use my hands in all the processes which contribute to the making of the clay forms: finding and carrying the raw materials, tending and harvesting the olive trees, digging the pit, creating the fire The Illuminations and drawings  are my body scale.

Traces of imprints of my hands and body are embedded in the work. Shards of pithoi made by past generations for storage of olive oil, are washed up on the shoreline. The pithoi were rolled along the donkey tracks past our olive grove to a wooden jetty on the beach. I make small hand formed pots, some I drop onto on the rocks creating shards which I pair with the clay forms to create assemblages, or I use fragments of sea worn bark from the trees fallen from the top of the eroding cliffs. These reference the past and present local industries of pottery and olive oil.

I resonate with Upper Palaeolithic cave paintings and rock carvings, for me they are a profound expression of life, the human and animal embodying cave walls.

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