moving images created in collaboration with Pete Hudson

Illuminations 2020

‘Illuminations’ documents Rachael Mellors’ intuitive response to her immersive relationship with the natural world. Place specific practice is rooted in Earth’s cycles and processes, in synchronicity with the seasons, the rising of the sun and the ecological and geological processes of erosion and regeneration. She makes assemblages, referencing her body, with clay fallen from eroding cliffs and uses the luminosity of the rising sun to capture imprints of her shadow body on the cliff. Chance and spontaneity are integral to her embodied practice.

‘Illuminations’ is part of an ongoing project ‘Time and Place’ exploring ecological sustainability and the principles of the circular economy in artistic practice. The project is a collaboration with Pete Hudson who captures a moving image record of Rachael Mellors’ artistic process alongside the cycles of the seasons.

‘Illuminations’ will be shown at

2021 Bermondsey Project Space, London 'Sustainability First Reconnecting Exhibition'

And was selected for:

2021 GROUP GLOBAL 3000 Gallery for Sustainable Art in Berlin 'Beuys for Future'

2020 Photo Fringe OPEN20 MOVING IMAGE Selected Artists a showcase of short moving image works from ten artists selected from an international open call.

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